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« Hardly a decade ago, an investor with a reasonable capital outlay could buy one 4 or 5 units and get a good yield from it. But the prices for small multiplexes have increased so much that it is just not possible anymore today. Nowadays, a first investor, even with good savings, does not have the financial means to afford the profitable acquisition of a small multiplex. »

If one looks well, there are always good opportunities of investment. Unfortunately, the best opportunities are not always the most accessible ones and, very often the investors with the biggest means will eventually thrive. An excellent way of reaching these opportunities consists in : increasing your purchasing power by establishing a group of investors that you can create with your relatives or friends.

The more your purchasing power increases, the better and more numerous business opportunities get.

Whether it is for legal documentation, fiscal aspects, administrative tasks or real estate management, we can help you to establish your own group.

Accessibility. Profitability. Added value.

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Our mission : improving access to all the real estate investment and creating throughout our services an added value for your assets.